AZCP.ESA Statements

Statements from our leadership team on education, disability rights and mental health issues. Some AZCP.ESA members may hold opposing views.

  • In Support of Provider Screening
    Students with disabilities are at high risk for abuse and neglect across settings. It’s imperative that Arizona state agencies not endanger this population through failure to screen providers who are compensated with taxpayer funds, says Tonya Reiner, ESA parent and AZCP.ESA lead.

  • In Concern for Provider Accreditation
    05-09-2023 | from K12 Budget Press Conference at Arizona State Capitol
    The current administration is avoiding transparency on the Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) program and has introduced an irresponsible accreditation process that brings enormous potential liability to the state of Arizona, says Sandra Kirkby, ESA parent and AZCP.ESA liaison to community groups.

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